Good Morning

by Lydia

Usually, most mornings, Euan and Scapa get up early-early and go for a walk. They come back, Scapa has her breakfast, and Euan goes back to bed for an hour or two. I get up not too long after this.

This morning, I was up before them, which resulted in Scapa deciding to eat her breakfast with me. She took a mouthful of kibble from her bowl in the kitchen (chicken munched promptly first), came to sit next to me in the sitting room, chomped it up, then went back for more and repeated this process.

Then, she proceeded to refuse to let me do anything except stroke her. Writing, shopping list, everything else be de damned. Eventually, she settled down like this.

A close-up of a black Pointer/Lab cross dog, with her head draped across a laptop that sits on someone's knees.

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