Discovering Donegality

by Lydia

It’s always a good day when there’s an update from Robin Sloan in your inbox. The other day I was particularly delighted to read his comments on C.S. Lewis and Donegality. The three books referenced have all been added to my “to read (one day)” list.

There seems to be a direct link here between the consideration of Ward’s analysis and the concept of place theory, specifically sense of place. Having not yet read the book mentioned (“Planet Narnia” by Michael Ward), I imagine there may well be a reference to Edward Relph and Yi-Fi Tuan (and others) and their work on space, place and placelessness, especially given Ward considers in this vein Donegal and London (both, obviously, physical places).

Applying the theory of sense of place to literary works, rather than identifying (a) sense of place in texts, is something I’m interested in considering further, not least because I am currently working on a fiction project where the place(s) mentioned could be said to feature as the main character(s).

I am certain there will be much written on this already in other guises. Please do let me know if you can think of any interesting texts.

The good stuff can’t be named, only sensed; we are like deer desperately licking our snouts out here. Even so, it’s helpful to have some language to throw around. Balancing and patterning. Meshes and nets. Donegality!

TRESPASSERS — There’s room for everybody by Robin Sloan, 6th January 2023

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