Catching Up

by Lydia
A woman and her daughter smile for the camera in front of a lawn, some trees, and a large white house. It is bright, but looks a little breezy.

We are just catching our breath from a busy last fortnight, just in time to rush into another busy month.

Last week, we were all up at Stempster. Euan spent a happy two or three days (mostly) in the Wild Wood, taking down fifty-two and a half trees (the half being some serious surgery to a victim of lightning). Auri spent many a delighted hour on the swing and generally wreaking havoc outside, Elfi was her usual cheerful self, and Scapa got in some much-loved beach walks.

There are several photographs to share, which I suspect will crop up at odd times over the coming few days. But enough of us. How are you all?!

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